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Ever since the start, approximately 100 years ago, our focus has been designing and developing innovative products for the manufacturing sector. Please read below to learn more about life at CJ Automotive and get a real insight into what it is like to work here.

Lean Manager

Patrik Wide

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Mira Fritzon

Design & Development Engineer

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Nathalie Andersson

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Nathalie Andersson, Assembly Operator

Lives: Ulricehamn

Education: Interior design/Florist at Almås College in Borås

Leisure time: Spending time with friends and going to concerts

What do you do at CJ Automotive?
” For the last five years, I have worked as an assembly operator, which means I am part of the last phase of the assembly process. I assemble the pedal system and conduct the final inspection to ensure all the pedal systems are correct.”

Do you like your job?
” I do. I have wonderful colleagues and that means a lot. I work two-shift, which means I have one week working during the daytime, followed by a week of evenings. Having a varied schedule like this one suits me nicely.

What is the biggest challenge with your particular role?
” Not letting stress get the better of you. We work with products related to safety, which means nothing can go wrong. The quantity must, however, not be affected and we must strive to meet the set targets for our shift.”

What is the best bit about your job?
“I like to create something tangible, work with my hands, and enjoy standing by a machine. Sometimes it can be monotonous, but I like that. As an assembly operator, you have a big responsibility and lots of things to juggle at the same time, which I like.” 

Are there any development opportunities?  
“You can learn how to work with different machines. If you want to develop within the company, there are ways of doing that. I know some colleagues who have moved on to other job roles, such as from assembly to payroll or from being a fitter to a production manager.”

Who would you think would fit in at CJ Automotive?
” A meticulous person who can handle both the responsibility and stress. It also helps if you like an organised, tidy workplace as we work to 5S, which for instance, involves keeping everything clean and tidy around the machines. It is a lovely bunch of people to work with, and if you like a varied work schedule, CJ Automotive would be perfect for you. The early shift means you start at 5.24am, but then you are done by 1.30pm. The evening shift starts at 1.24pm and finishes at 10.48pm.”

Please finish the sentence with your own words:
For me personally, CJ Automotive is… a company that lets me grow, has taught me to take on more responsibility and is a place where I grow both professionally and personally.

Patrik Wide, Lean Manager

Lives in: Tvärred

Education: Primary and secondary school

Leisure time: Mountain biking and spending time in the forest with my son

What does your role at CJ Automotive entail?
“Developing systems and tools, building a company culture that promotes improvements, encouraging my colleagues to follow standardized ways of working and routines, while also thinking outside the box. I also coach the Heads of Departments to embrace data-driven processes and follow the best practices we have already established. In addition, I help gather data from our systems to be analysed and used for decision-making.”

How long have you worked at CJ Automotive? “I have worked here for 25 years now; started as an operator on the assembly line and then as a welder. I have also had roles including production manager, production technician, project manager, system developer and launch manager. Having participated in several internal audits, I have gained greater insight and understanding of each department’s challenges and improvement potential.”

Do you like your job?
“Yes, very much so. My role involves a great deal of flexibility, and I can focus on what is needed at the time, which means I never find the work boring, tedious and monotonous.”

What is the biggest challenge with your particular role?
“Getting through to my colleagues and making sure everyone works in the same way. I find it an interesting challenge, though, as I have to learn how to meet and connect with each individual, considering their particular situation, skill set and personality.”

What is the best bit about your job?  
” Seeing how my colleagues thrive, getting them to use the tools and ways of working we have implemented, and observing how these tools really make a difference for our work. Working with our long-term goals and actively participating in everything until we have reached our goal is both exciting and rewarding.”

Who would you think would fit in at CJ Automotive?
” It is a bonus if someone is interested in technology and has an analytical mindset, but I would say that anyone who likes a fast-paced environment where something is always happening would thrive here. The automotive industry can be challenging, but also very rewarding and helps your personal growth.”

Please finish the sentence with your own words:
For me personally, CJ Automotive is… a home away from home, and many amazing people work here. 

Markus Karlsson, Design Engineer

Lives: Ulricehamn

Education: Machine technology, specialising in product development at Jönköping University

Leisure time: Playing football for Tvärred/Vegby FC and enjoying a game of disc golf.

What does your role at CJ Automotive entail?

“I work as a design engineer, so I am part of the team developing the pedal systems. When we receive new projects from a customer, I design and draw them in our CAD program CATIA. We are a team of five people working together on a steady stream of projects. It is very varied, and no two days are the same. My role is to design something first of all, then develop a prototype and get the product manufactured.”   

Do you like your job? “Absolutely, this is a lovely place to work with great colleagues. I am there at the start of a project and get involved in all the different stages, which is exciting.”

What is the biggest challenge with your particular role?
” I would say that as we have periods with a high workload, you need to be organised and be able to prioritise the order in which to tackle your tasks.”

What is the best bit about your job?
“That we create something in a computer and then get to see the tangible product at the end. I really enjoy my colleagues, and as we work a lot with people from other departments too, I get to meet even more people outside my team.”  

Who would you think would fit in at CJ Automotive?
“To fit into my role, you need to be social, communicative and organised. You will be juggling many things simultaneously, which means you need to be able to prioritise and stay on top of the different tasks. I know our company offers career opportunities, which probably appeals to some people too. 

Please finish the sentence with your own words: 
For me personally, CJ Automotive is… a company with nice colleagues, and you get to contribute to safety along the way.

Mira Fritzon, Production Leader

Lives: Mullsjö

Education: Studied to be a nurse, taken tourism courses and leadership programs

Leisure time: I love travelling, spend time in the forest, and I want to learn to play golf

What do you do at CJ Automotive?  
” I am one of five production managers, which means I manage an assembly team and the production. I also take care of sick notes and spend most of my time in the production area. My role involves quite a lot of planning and we are working continuously to improve.”

Do you like your job?  
” I really like it and I have fun at work. I have worked here for just over a year and that has gone so quickly. I was at a different automotive company before, but after 20 years, I felt I wanted to try something new. I like working with people, taking on a central role and at CJ Automotive, there is a wonderful team of people all helping each other out.”

What kind of development opportunities would you say there are?

“There are lots of opportunities available to you if you want to develop. Many people have made the same journey as I did at my last company, i.e. to start as a fitter and then rise through the ranks. If you have the will and the desire and are eager to learn more, the opportunities are endless. Many roles are filled internally; one team leader has recently become a production manager. There are plenty of examples where people have been allowed to change roles within the company, which I think is fantastic. I truly believe in mixing internal and external recruiting.”  

Who would you think would fit in at CJ Automotive?
” In the assembly team, you don’t need any previous experience, but it is important to be able to work with people while having a strong sense of self-discipline. People who like a fast-paced environment will thrive here, and something is always going on. You need to be organised and like things neat and tidy. It is easy to get into a flow at work and we learn from each other. At CJ Automotive, there is a lovely affinity, people of all ages and nationalities.”

Please finish the sentence with your own words:
For me personally, CJ Automotive is… like a family with an amazing community spirit, big potential and drive.